Australia’s most sophisticated Wi-Fi Analytics Platform

Inform strategy and unlock meaningful insights on how consumers use your space by drawing on their Wi-Fi use


Welcome to CCX

CCX (Connected Customer eXperience) is Discovery Technology’s fully customisable Wi-Fi Analytics and consumer insights platform.

This exclusive platform beautifully displays deep consumer insights via an intuitive interface. Using your Wi-Fi network, CCX anonymously intercepts data from mobile devices connected to the network, drawing on available behavioural and demographic information. This data is then analysed and presented via graphs, 3D renders and journey heat maps – turning your public Wi-Fi network data into meaningful insights you can use to inform strategy.

Gather additional information for deeper Wi-Fi analytics and insights

Organisations can discover more about consumers using their space by asking progressive profiling questions via the free login screen. You get to customise what questions you ask, and we can guide you on best practice to engage the highest response rates. The additional data collected seamlessly integrates into CCX, adding deep behavioural and demographic data to the existing data in your Wi-Fi analytics and insights dashboard.

Customise your CCX interface

Choose the features most important to your organisation. There are several modules to choose from to suit your specific needs, including: Artificial Intelligence tools to predict queue times Integration to existing digital media assets, such as Digital Signage Reporting of multiple venues or tracking of multiple vehicles seamlessly

Why use our Wi-Fi analytics and insights platform

CCX will transform your organisation by providing deep insights into the consumers using your public Wi-Fi network. Based on these insights, you can choose to engage with consumers in a unique way, enhance their experience and monetise your free public Wi-Fi network.

Some of the other benefits include:

Customer engagement tools – set up marketing campaigns to reach your consumers

Intuitive reporting tools

Reports instantly displaying insights into consumer behaviour in your Wi-Fi network

Integrate existing directional signage with arresting and informative messaging based on insights from consumer behaviour

Manage and report on people, traffic and trends

Set store leasing costs

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