Wi-Fi Monetisation

Wi-Fi Monetisation Platform

For over 21 years, we’ve been at the forefront of public Wi-Fi. That’s why we’re best placed to help you monetise your Wi-Fi network.

Thanks to information collected from the Wi-Fi registration process on your public Wi-Fi network, your organisation can tap into additional revenue streams. In some cases, these revenue streams can even fund the Wi-Fi service.

Which networks can monetise their Wi-Fi?

To explore this untapped growth area, your network needs to be a high-volume public Wi-Fi network. Smaller volume networks aren’t able to harvest enough data to make monetisation worthwhile.

Public Wi-Fi networks in airports, across public transport and in larger shopping centres or groups of shopping centres are best placed to monetise.

Wi-Fi monetisation opportunities

Wi-Fi monetisation with Discovery Technology won’t negatively impact your consumers’ experience of your public Wi-Fi network. Revenue can be generated through:

Approved, subtle advertising integrated into your consumers’ Wi-Fi experiences

Cookie tracking

Lead generation

Sharing data with advertising partners

We work with you to find the best Wi-Fi monetisation platform for your network and consumers. We can secure suitable brands via our Agency partners as well, making the process as simple as possible for your organisation.

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