Wireless Site Survey

Ensure your Wi-Fi setup is right with a Wireless Site Survey

Effortless and efficient site surveying

A Wireless Site Survey takes out the guess work involved in traditional methods. It requires less effort and is far more efficient regardless of what phase of your Wi-Fi journey you are at.

What is Wireless Site Surveying

A wireless site survey uses predictive computer-based software to capture and model both environmental information and Wi-Fi spectrum data at your site – ensuring your Wi-Fi setup runs seamlessly and at maximum network bandwidth.

The aim of the survey is to establish design criteria via fast, efficient, non-labour intensive methodologies. You can use Wireless Site Surveying to;

  • Plan & design a new Wi-Fi deployment
  • Remediate, check or expand on an existing Wi-Fi deployment.

Discovery offers four stages of Wireless Site Survey

Pre-Installation Wireless Wi-Fi Survey

Ideally suited to new Wi-Fi deployments. This service ensures that your Wi-Fi Access Points are positioned to get the best performance out of your new Wi-Fi setup.

Post-Installation Wi-Fi Survey

Conducted after the Wi-Fi setup was been completed. It confirms that coverage and capacity is at its optimum with your new Wi-Fi service.

Wi-Fi Heath Check

A Health Check survey is ideal for sites with existing Wi-Fi that may be experiencing performance or reliability issues. A health check with find the cause of the issue and come back with a recommended course of action.

Large Space Wi-Fi Survey

Ideally suited to sites with large indoor or outdoor spaces that need Wi-Fi coverage at scale. Wi-Fi Survey is an ideal solution for large external areas that need Wi-Fi coverage.

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