Discovery Technology have delivered bespoke Wi-Fi solutions in hundreds of spaces across Australia

Shopping Centres

Discovery Technology has completed over 230 shopping centre public Wi-Fi network projects. These clients experience high patronage and high repeat visitation. We supply them with ongoing marketing support and deep insights into how consumers use their space thanks to CCX, our sophisticated Wi-Fi analytics platform. We also offer complimentary innovations such as way-finders and interactive kiosks.


Offices have high volume repeat traffic, significant data and complex coverage needs. Discovery Technology has deployed Wi-Fi networks to meet these demands into hundreds of office spaces across Australia. The networks offer an employee benefit, as well as enhancing guests’ experiences with free hotspots in cafes and the building lobby.


Space allocation and use is critical for university clients – we use Wi-Fi insights to analyse the volume and frequency of how students use the campus. This allows clients to move away from traditional people counting methods thanks to the implementation of location awareness Wi-Fi to track users in their space.


High-speed Wi-Fi is critical for frequent and international travellers. With high dwell time, these Wi-Fi users are highly engaged and actively seeking connectivity while they wait. We offer clients the opportunity to monetise their network by serving subtle, tailored advertising content. This allows them to capitalise on the higher logon uptake of their large volume networks.

Stadiums and Exhibition Spaces

With transient audiences centred around events, the Wi-Fi solutions offered to these clients include way-finding products and queue management solutions – offering consumers in their space an improved experience of the venue and preventing crowd bottlenecks. We also implement audio and live stream broadcasts over Wi-Fi direct to consumers’ mobile devices in the space.

Hotels & Casinos

We’ve delivered countless projects to improve the Wi-Fi experience of hotel and casino patrons, meeting each venue’s unique needs effortlessly. The Wi-Fi solutions we offer include tools to understand how patrons use the public spaces, network design to ensure all rooms receive reliable coverage and location-aware apps for frequent travellers in larger chains.

Councils & Smart Cities

Our projects have delivered significant benefits to councils wanting to better understand how people move around and use the public spaces. We’ve designed a location-aware prototype app to track user engagement, offer way-finding solutions and people counting and provide Wi-Fi analytics across city-wide precincts. Pushing information via a customised login portal can be particularly useful for events and activities, holiday periods or simply to provide engaging content for visitors. Data collected from the Wi-Fi networks we’ve delivered across smart-cities data is incredibly powerful for future planning.

Retailers & Supermarkets

Beyond only Wi-Fi infrastructure, our retail chain and supermarket solutions extend to use Wi-Fi and Artificial Intelligence to cleverly manage customer queuing in-store and predict when more checkouts are required. Insights can then be used across multiple stores and states to discover trends and predict resource requirements.


Providing free Wi-Fi and GPS tracking services for commuters is what consumers today demand. Our transport Wi-Fi projects solve this with Access Point placement on buses and at stops, along with provision of captive portal and GPS based location analytics.

No project is too big or too small and we deliver Wi-Fi solutions for any industry, space or location.

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