Discover Our Public Wi-Fi Solution

For over 21 years Discovery have been successfully providing public Wi-Fi solutions and IT consulting to businesses across Australia

Build brand affinity. Build your database.

A fast, secure and reliable Wi-Fi experience is what consumers want. They want consistent coverage, where they need it most, an easy login experience and no data restrictions. Providing a dependable public Wi-Fi network to consumers in your space will help you build trust with them. It will enhance their experience of your space, organisation and brand. They’ll want to connect every time they’re in the area. Drawing on that trust, you’ll be able to ask those consumers to share their details and garner their feedback. This will give you a greater understanding of consumers in your space and, simultaneously, grow your database for future benefit.

Seamless public Wi-Fi setup for your organisation

We know the power of a fast and reliable public Wi-Fi network for your organisation. And, we know how to deliver that network as seamlessly as possible. That’s why we take responsibility for the complete public Wi-Fi setup – from design to infrastructure, implementation to testing. We don’t stop until we know our clients’ networks are giving their consumers the best public Wi-Fi experience time and time again. Our superior service is designed to meet user demand – our networks handle enormous amounts of data, are accessible in all the desired locations and coverage is continuous.

The very best guest experience

A superior, fast, reliable Wi-Fi experience is of great importance to the user. That’s why we aim to complete the rollout process end-to-end to ensure our clients can provide their customers with the best experience time and time again.

Public Wi-Fi network design, installation and testing delivered by our Australian team

We are the only company in Australia who deliver all elements of our public Wi-Fi setups, directly from our in-house team. We offer: Review of your space Customised public Wi-Fi network design, meeting all desired organisation needs Hardware development and construction Business grade broadband networks Build of public Wi-Fi network infrastructure Integration with existing services, CRM or digital signage Sophisticated consumer insights via our Wi-Fi Analytics platform – CCX

Public Wi-Fi network applications

We pride ourselves on finding the right solution for our clients and ensuring the consumers in their space get the best free Wi-Fi experience from the most reliable Wi-Fi infrastructure. Our track record speaks for itself. We have setup public Wi-Fi networks for: Airports City councils Public transport operators Major universities Over 230 shopping centres

Why partner with Discovery Technology for your public Wi-Fi network

Over 21 years of experience

Proven track record – most major public Wi-Fi networks in Australia were built by us

In-house, Australian based team manage your public Wi-Fi setup from start to finish

Affordable, business-grade broadband

Fast, reliable Wi-Fi experience for users adding trust sentiments to your space and brand

Insights and analytics for your organisation

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