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Commonly asked questions about our Wi-Fi & other services

How do you collect data?

Do customers need to actively connect to our Wi-Fi?

How do I see journey information of my facility?

What type of reports can I get with CCX?

What is progressive profiling?

I have a CMS and other data sources can I integrate it into CCx?

Can I customised the Wi-Fi experience

We collect data via your Wi-Fi network.

Using your locations Wi-Fi network, we are able to anonymously intercept data from customers mobile devices connected to Wi-Fi.

Customers don’t need to connect to Wi-Fi for you to see insights.

As long as a mobile device (smart phone, tablet or laptop) is in range of your Wi-Fi signal and isn’t in flight mode you will be able to access a range of customer insights. Discovery’s CCX platform provides a wide range of insights even without a customer logging onto your system.

Journey information is shown visually.

Location data from your Wi-Fi system is shown on a 3D map of your facility.

Reports are just a click away.

Live visualised reporting on; customer journey, dwell time, and frequency is always at your finger-tips.

An opportunity to discover more about your customers.

You can ask your customers questions that uncover; Demographic profile Interests Brand affinity Purchasing intent Digital behaviour and search preferences

A flexible system.

You can even bring your other data sources into the system to create a single-source insights repository.

On brand every time.

Discovery works with your marketing department to ensure that the login experience is developed to best suit your needs and remains on brand. We work with you to create a seamless login experience that allows you to further profile your customers Create landing pages with registration forms to capture customer details Add progressive profiling surveys to gain a more complete understanding of your customer demographics and behaviours

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