Public Wi-Fi Innovations

Years of major Wi-Fi rollouts have given us the experience and knowledge of how to create superior customer experiences in public spaces

Our innovative complimentary Wi-Fi products help your attract new customers to your venue and keep them coming back. Here are just a few ideas that we’ve designed for other clients.

Audio Across Wi-Fi

Used for announcements, music or in stadiums to hear commentary from the field.

Live streaming across Wi-Fi

Offer your guests something more with live streaming from your event.

Way-finding solutions

Custom designed units that suit your venue. These integrate smart technology, your venue maps and Wi-Fi to help your patrons find their way.

Queue predict

Artificial Intelligence coupled with Wi-Fi that can predict how to manage queues and check-out resourcing.

Digital signage

Digital signs with in-built media players designed for free public Wi-Fi and for community messages or advertising.

Interactive kiosks

Touch screen technology coupled with Wi-Fi to optimise the shopping experience.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what we can do. We work with each client on the problem they are looking to solve or look for a way to help them find efficiencies in what they currently have on offer.

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