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Boost consumer loyalty and enhance your space with reliable commercial Wi-Fi infrastructure. Discovery Technology gives you Australia’s best commercial Wi-Fi, coupled with an intuitive insights platform to monetise your Wi-Fi users’ experience. The result? The ability to unlock brand loyalty on a macro scale.

We don’t just do Wi-Fi.

Our expertise lies in four key areas

Public Wi-Fi Experience

Fast, secure and reliable public Wi-Fi for consumers visiting your space. Seamless and customisable rollout for your organisation – thanks to Discovery Technology’s in-house Australian team.

Wi-Fi Analytics & Insights

Learn more about consumers in your space by drawing on their Wi-Fi use. Our sophisticated Wi-Fi Analytics platform translates Wi-Fi data into intuitive insights via our user-friendly portal – giving you the power to make informed business decisions.

Monetising Wi-Fi

Explore untapped potential by monetising your public Wi-Fi network. High-volume networks enjoy the prospect of data sharing, lead generation and integration of subtle advertising to create new revenue streams.

Wi-Fi Innovations

Enhance the consumer experience in your space via innovative complimentary Wi-Fi products.

By understanding your unique audience, we work with you to find a solution that will impress your consumers.


Want More Information?

Our white paper outlines industry leading applications of Wi-Fi technology as well as statistics and predictions on growth.

For some industry specific best in class examples, download our latest paper; “Public Wi-Fi and its ability to transform your organisation.”


Discover Australia’s most sophisticated Wi-Fi Analytics Platform

Drawing on your public Wi-Fi data, CCX beautifully displays meaningful consumer insights to inform strategy and propel your business forward.


Discovery Technology delivers bespoke Wi-Fi solutions for a broad range of industries

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