Managed Services

Enabling your business to get on with what it does best

Discovery Technology is a trusted supplier of Managed Services through its vast experience and personal approach in supporting businesses with their infrastructure.

A managed service is not a new concept. As more complex IT and communication systems develop, businesses becomes more reliant on Managed Service Providers to offload the day-to-day responsibilities of routine infrastructure management including monitoring, problem resolution, and functions on behalf of their business clients. Business owners are then better able to spend their time developing their marketing plans, servicing their clients’ relationships, and working on their continued success.


Discover our IT Guarantee

Proactive Maintenance Program

The Discovery Technology IT Guarantee program is specifically designed to provide a proactive, whole of business approach to network and computer system maintenance.

How does IT Guarantee work?

We have developed an approach that provides a fixed-cost for support and ongoing maintenance

We select the right person with the right skills for the job and work with you to prioritise any outstanding issues on your network to ensure that the most important ones are always attended to first.

  • We schedule visits once or twice per month, providing regular maintenance on your systems – heading off any potential crises before they occur. We provide you with whatever assistance your users need, either onsite or remotely.
  • We document your network fully so that you have a roadmap of what IT infrastructure you have in place, and make appropriate recommendations for improvement where necessary. We identify critical services and ensure continuing availability, enabling your staff to be as productive as they need to be.
  • We will help to implement standardised processes to create users, run regular backups, etc. with contact lists in place so you know who to contact should a problem occur.
  • A tested Disaster Recovery Plan will also be established to enable us to quickly get your systems back up and running in the event of a hard disk failure, fire or any other potential disaster that could cause you loss of business.

Historically, an on-site visit has involved one of our technicians attending your office to provide a resolution to specific issues with the view to rushing him or her out the door as quickly as possible to avoid him costing you more than you wish to pay. This form of reactive maintenance can cause the system to become less effective and more prone to failures.

What we are offering

  • A part-time IT department with unlimited support at a fixed monthly cost
  • No superannuation, holidays or sick days – we are there on call five days a week, all year around (public holidays and weekends charged additionally)
  • No more hourly rates
  • No more stress regarding how long problems
    take to resolve
  • No more hits on your cash flow to upgrade systems or resolve problems
  • Fewer problems on your network through proactive maintenance and regular monitoring
  • Disaster Recovery in the event of systems failures
  • Peace of mind!

Network resources that are included within the regular onsite pro-active system health checks:


Logs, disk space, page files, registry, service packs, drivers, anti-virus, anti-spyware


E-mail databases, groups and lists, mail queues, potential abuses


Logs, review strategy, test restores, establish a Disaster Recovery plan and keep it updated

General Network Administration

Create/modify new user accounts, change passwords

PCs & Laptops

MS updates, logs, disk space, page files, registry, drivers, anti-virus, anti-spyware

Web Browsing

Investigate for abuse, establish policies, maintain and update Internet firewall

Training & Education

Assist users to perform basic administration of network and applications


Check cabling, tidy, monitor for Occupational Health and Safety hazards and faults

Remote Access

Maintain and ensure that remote access solutions are operating properly

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